Equipping and Empowering Individuals and Communities

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Central Florida Dream Center

Equipping & Empowering Individuals and Communities


When Righteous People Impact Their City - Families Rejoice...Prov. 29:2

If not now! When? You are Here for Such A Time as This...

There is a growing crisis in our nation.  We see the implosion  and moral decay in:

  • Families (Abuse, Divorce, Suicide,  Mental Health Issues etc.)
  • Church (1,700 Pastors Quit Monthly, Crime against Churches & Synagogues up 1100%
  • Schools (Drop-outs, School Shootings, Cutting, Bullying etc.) 
  • Law Enforcement (Crime is up 1100% against officers across the nation)
  • Political (Our Nation is more divided now than ever before in our history)
  • Community (Drugs, Crime, Car-Jacking, Human Trafficking, Gangs etc.)

Make an Impact Today...

We invite you to join other 120 City Impact  Team Members Across the Nation who are investing to positively Impact lives and cities. Welcome to The Team.  God Bless You and Your Family for this Legacy...