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Central Florida Dream Center

Equipping & Empowering Individuals and Communities

Sponsor A Fatherless Youth To Attend Promise Keepers 2020


We would be taking thousands of Fatherless Boys to The Life Changing Promise Keepers

Event that would be held on  July 31- August 1, 2020  at The AT&T Stadium in Arlington TX. 


America cannot be great again until we return to God again.  Godly Character is not taught, it is caught through a modeled relationship.  Today, with no Godly male role models in the lives of Fatherless youths, the ramifications are staggering: 

  • 90% of Crimes are committed by Fatherless Youths
  • 92% of Runaway Youths are from Fatherless Homes
  • 90% of School Shooters with Mental Health Issues are from Fatherless Homes
  • 85% of Youths in Jail are from Fatherless Homes
  • 80% of Rapists are from Fatherless Homes
  • 75-85% of Youths living in Poverty are from Fatherless Homes
  • 63% of Youths that commit Suicide are from Fatherless Homes

Radical Groups are Recruiting Fatherless Youth and Radicalizing them to commit crimes.  In 2013, youths from America were Radicalized to hold Families Hostage in a Kenyan Mall.  

Timing is Everything:

  • Who would reach them first?
  • Who would positively Influence them?
  • Who would build The Godly Character of Christ in this generation?
  • Who would stand in the Gap for This Generation?
  • Would the Gang Leader be the influencer or A Godly Man?

Partner with us to help turn the tide in America.  Invest in this generation:

  • What if you Invested $60 to Impact a Fatherless Youth?
  • What if you Invested $120 to Impact 2 Fatherless Youths?
  • What if you Invested $600 to Impact 10 Fatherless Youths?

Godly men are Standing In The Gap. They would be Bringing Fatherless Youths to The PK Event.  Funds would be used to:

  • Cover the cost for Fatherless youth to attend the PK Event
  • Train and Equip Men to be Godly Father Figure Mentors in their cities
  • Air Flights, Lodging, Food and Transportation to and from the Event



Past Events

                                                                    Fathers Blessing Sons and Fatherless Boys - June 2019

A Mentor's Story and Impact

The Story of Chris and Gretchen and How they made an impact in CJ's Life.

Mentoring Interview on TV 45 Orlando Prior to Joe Gibbs Event

A Mentor For Every Fatherless Youth - TV Interview  

Mission & Vision Statement



Educate, Equip and Engage,  Individual, Families and Communities to Self-sufficiency through our three-pronged strategy:  Spiritual + Social + Economic = Renewal

In collaboration with Strategic Partners, we provide multifaceted Programs, Systems and Resources, resulting in a Holistic Solution leading to LifeStyle change in Individuals, families and communities.

Results Include:

  • Reduced Crime and Violence
  • Reduced Teen pregnancy, 
  • Reduced Suicide 
  • Reduced School Drop-outs
  • Reduced Abuse and Human Trafficking 
  • Reduced Dependance on Welfare Programs
  • Increased Graduations
  • Increased Employment and Entrepreneurship Ventures
  • Increased Realestate Value and Ownership
  • Improved Economy and Self-Value in Individuals and Families


Empowered and Enriched  People & Communities  Living in Self-Sufficency

Statement of Hope

  • Offer Dignity and Destiny instead of Despair, 
  • Hope instead of Hopelessness, 
  • Reconciliation instead of Rejection and Unforgiveness
  • Victory instead of Victimization, 
  • Dreams instead of Disillusionment and Despair 

Core Values

Core Values

1) Truth:  is not relative; it is a timeless principal upon which all greatness stands.  Truth is not just what we say – it is the essence of our character.  We endeavor to speak the truth to others and to ourselves. (John 14:6)

2) Integrity:  A – good name is better than great wealth. Our goal and desire is to walk with integrity in every situation, both with God and man. (Proverbs 22:1)

3) Family:  We believe that the foundation of any community, city or nation is the family.  Our goal is to see entire families healed, equipped, empowered and restored.  Mentoring men, women and children will bring love, balance and harmony in homes. (Ephesians. 3:15)

4) Grace:  The power of True Forgiveness opens our hearts’ door to true healing.  Our motto here is “No offence taken, only love given, working together with Dad, (Our Hevenly Father), the greatest Law is LOVE" (Ephesians 2:8-9)

5) Faith: is not just what we live by; it is the very fabric of our lives that holds everything in place.  (Hebrews 11:6)

6) Hope: is not just the fuel that keeps us going, it is the life line that we cast out to children, families and communities living in despair and the darkness of hopelessness. (1 John 3:3)

7) Love: is the foundation and driving motivation of who we are and all that we do. Without love all that we do means nothing.  Reconciliation and Unity is just the end result of people walking in authentic love. (1 Corinthians. 13)


New & Media

Trayvon Martin Tragedy In 2012 and interviews with Sanford’s Mayor, City Manager, Leaders and CRS Role.


A Mentor For Fatherless Youth


The Trayvon Martin tragedy in Sanford FL was a Spark Event that unveiled local and national issues:

  • Social injustices, Generational wounds within communities.
  • Fatherless Youth Crisis in our nation.
  • High Unemployment in Urban Cities  across our nation.

The Honorable Jeff Triplett, Mayor of Sanford added his voice to help us champion this cause.


Mentoring Men


  • In order to elevate a new generation of men and transform an existing one, our mentoring program builds friendships and impacts lives through lifestyle mentoring and small breakfast meetings. 
  • Responsible Fatherhood Training 
  • Job & Entrepreneurship Development. 

Find out more

Single Mom Impact


To better Equip single moms, we provide key training to help navigate the struggles balancing family and life:

  • Financial Planning, 
  • Anger Management, 
  • Raising children, 
  • Parenting Roles in the Home, 
  • Work Ethic Training, 
  • Knowing Roles in the Family, and much more.

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Youth Impact


Every 6 minutes a youth is arrested for a crime.  We train and equip churches (Life Centers) to tutor and mentor youth after school in their troubled areas of the city.  Children would have a fighting chance and a safe place to:

  •  Connect with families
  • Play games/sports
  • Receive Home-work help 
  • Life Skills
  • Character Development
  • Learn how to start a Business
  • Learn a Trade
  • Performing Arts etc.

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Family Impact


We train and encourage  Life Centers and organizations to take responsibility for their communities.  We share how to identify the needs of a specific area and how to strategically impact their region through:

  • Adopt -A-Block outreach
  • Adopt- A- Family
  • LifeStyle Mentoring
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Certificate Programs 
  • Community Garden - Business etc. 

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Speaking Engagements


There is a growing interest among pastors and community leaders about the state of our nation and how to effectively respond to Positively impact their cities. 

We are receiving calls for Paul Benjamin to speak at:

  • Churches
  • Chambers
  •  Businesses
  • Political Groups
  • Schools and Civic Clubs

To schedule someone to speak at your organization or to cast a new vision on how to impact your community please click the link.


Request A Speaker

What Others Are Saying

Ms. Nina


“Thanks to God & The Central Florida Dream Center (CFDC) my Life has been changed.”

I thank God for Paul Benjamin and  (CFDC).  My life and my children’s lives  were  significantly changed since the  Dream Center  opened in the community.

I did many things that I was not proud of,  I use to drink, smoke, do drugs and many  other things that I was not proud of. After the mentoring relationships I encountered at the CFDC I no longer: drink, smoke, or do drugs.

I am a much better woman and mother, I now attend church, have a job, pay taxes and I am a proud home owner. 

With their help I was able to get a home  through Habitat for Humanity. The Lord is now  restoring my entire family.

I now  volunteer and give back as needed. Thank you Lord for all you have done… Ms. Nina.

Former Mayor - Brady Lessard


It is with immense enthusiasm and gratitude that I am in full support of Paul Benjamin, Sr. and The Central Florida Dream Center. the work that is currently being done and the future vision of The Dream Center.

Located in the poorest section of our County, in the Inner City of Sanford, the Dream Center is bringing hope to those living in a hopeless situation, where:

9 out of 10 children go to bed fatherless, crime, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, and school drop-outs and Illiteracy are the norm.
I cannot sit still another day without doing my part to help make a difference in the lives of these children and their families.

There is an Urgent Need to bring healing to these wounded hearts. This organization can only be effective with your financial support and volunteer efforts. Please join me in partnering with this awesome vision.

Former Mayor - Linda Kuhn


It is a pleasure to tender my support on behalf of Paul Benjamin Sr. and The Central Florida Dream Center.  With the rapidly growing demand for much-needed social services and job training programs for low-income families, the City is very fortunate to have such an organization in its community.

While fulfilling the Center's Motto "Doing together what we cannot do alone", in addition, Paul Benjamin's dream is to improve lives, build character and lift expectations increasing better opportunities for success.

The Central Florida serves as a beacon of light for many. a stepping-stone for youth and adults facing the struggles of day to day life.  

I urge you to join with me in this most worthwhile endeavor.

There is an essential need for your financial support and volunteer efforts to enable The Central Florida Dream Center to continue empowering individuals and families to 


Dr. John Murphy


Paul Benjamin is a long-time friend and fellow minister. We have worked together for over 20 years through strategic planning and partnership to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Church and Community.

Along with his gift of leadership, Paul operates in an apostolic way to establish and mentor those who are currently in ministry as well as those who are just beginning their ministry. 

Paul has established several organizations that focus on intercity renewal, mentoring programs for youth and adults, and community outreach. 

Paul was instrumental in bringing healing to the City of Sanford, Florida during the Trayvon Martin incident, as he worked alongside Federal, State, and local agencies, local pastors and minister leaders, and the families affected by it.

Paul is involved in leadership positions with nationally recognized organizations encouraging the gathering of Christian men for purposes of joint prayer, mentoring, and creating collaborative outreach to strengthen the Body of Christ. 

Paul Benjamin is a true servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, and an asset to those he labors among.

Dr. John Murphy

Harvest Time International Inc.

Pastor Jeff Krall


Paul Benjamin Sr. is a personal friend and Authentic leader and colleague in ministry for over 20 years. 

Paul serves on our ministry leadership team at Sanford Regional Ministry Center (SRMC) he is a positive influence in our region. 

He is a true servant leader and has ministered to many people in our City.  He was instrumental in bringing healing to the City of Sanford, Florida during the Trayvon Martin incident, as he worked alongside myself and other leaders in our region.

Mayor Jeff Triplett


I had lost Faith after the 18 month long process of the Trayvon Martin tragedy in Sanford FL.  I had men of God who said one thing to my face and a totally different thing on TV.  I had lost faith.

When Pastor Benjamin introduced me to his vision of "A Mentor For Every Fatherless Youth" I fell in love with the vision and found a little bit of God again through him. 

Now is the time to take action.  Fatherlessness is the root of the problems in our nation.  I am calling al mayors across the country to get involved and make a difference. 

Team Members

Paul Benjamin Sr.


Paul is the Founder and Chief Servant Leader.  He speaks at Churches, Men's Events and advances the mandate by casting the vision with Law Enforcement, Chambers and Business Leaders across the nation. 

Dawn Benjamin, MSW, LCSW


Dawn's vast degrees and experience in Psychology, EMDR  and Counseling Women has been influential in helping many women. She truly lives her ministry motto, "Blending the knowledge of man, with the Wisdom of God."  This has set her apart to Train, and Coach leaders at Life Centers around the country.

Charles Kimeria


Charles is our missionary and Life Center facilitator in Kenya. Since 2010, he and his wife Susan have worked hard to help us reach and impact youth and families both in the US and Kenya.  

If you would like to join our one of our team members when we visit Kenya to minister please contact us.  If you would like to be trained and equipped to be part of our growing Life Center Team. 

Belinda Thrift, MA, RMHCI


Belinda earned her Master of Arts in Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary and Belhaven University of Orlando. 

 She has facilitated grief groups and sexual abuse recovery groups to help participants cope with and recover from significant trauma and loss.  She can coach others in these areas.  



Don, Founder of DL Ward Consulting Group,  Author of 9 Books, he is a Master Mentor to Corporate Executives in every business arena.

He would invest his 30+ years in corporate America to favilitate the coaching of Entrepreneurship teams at Life Centers 

Anthony Robinson PHD


Anthony has a passion to positively impact this generation of youth in the communities across the country. He is coaching and mentoring youth in school and helping college students navigate through the maze of academics and life. 

Past or Present Community Sponsors


It Takes Concerned Partners and Sponsors to Impact a City


Partners or Event Sponsors of the Central Florida Dream Center may not necessarily endorse all of our Core Values. 

Publishing these organizations does not necessarily imply endorsement, agreement or partnership with any individual or organization.  We would just like to acknowledge and thank all of our supporting friends and organizations. 

Community Partners


Central Florida Dream Center is privileged to enjoy the support of many sponsors, partners and organizations in our community. Our partners include some to the best companies and ministries in Central Florida and our nation. Such as: 

  • Bell Performance
  • Better Man Ministries
  • CBMC
  • City of Sanford
  • City Church FL
  • Central Baptist Church
  • Central FL Christian Chamber
  • Christian Help
  • Crossings Community Church
  • Charisma Media
  • Chiantis Pizza & Pasta
  • Dove Builders
  • ERA Grizzard
  • Faith Assembly of God
  • Faith & Power Worship Ctr.
  • First Tee of CF
  • Florida Men of Integrity
  • Florida Family Policy Council
  • Forge
  • Good Life 45
  • Harvest Time International 
  • Iron Men of God
  • Let The Whole Know
  • Love Sanford Project
  • Liberty Counsel
  • Man in The Mirror 
  • Nehemiah Project 
  • People of Purpose
  • Palm Tree Teck Center
  • Promise Keepers
  • PM Grapix
  • Powerline Community Church
  • Psalms & Proverbs Counseling 
  • Recovery House
  • Sanford Pregnancy Center
  • Sanford Kiwanis Club
  • Sanford Regional Ministry Center
  • Sanford Police Department
  • Seminole County Sheriff’s Office 
  • TBN Orlando
  • Teen Challenge of Sanford
  • The Gathering USA
  • The Grater Sanford Regional Chamber
  • The Hope Collection 
  • The Father’s Table 
  • Vision Orlando
  • Xcellimark



It began in 1995 when the founder, Paul Benjamin Sr., to address the growing epidemic of over 33 million Fatherless youth across the nation started a ministry called Men in Action USA.  

His Goal was to Reach, Teach, Equip and Place 10 million men in the lives of Fatherless youth around the world. First Teaching men how to be:

  • Godly Men
  • Godly Husbands
  • Godly Fathers then
  • Godly Mentors (Father Figures) in the lives of Fatherless Youth.

                                                                                                     Paul Prayed

In 2001, Paul prayed and asked God if He wanted him to begin Positively Impacting the highest crime area of Sanford FL to send a man from that Housing Project area.  


                                                                                                   God Responded 

A few days later, a man came to his office from that same area. Paul was surprised by God's quick response to his prayer.  The man said that a ministry leader sent him to be mentored by Paul.  

                                                                                                   In Search of A Facility

Responding to the favor of God, Paul met with the local pastor in that region.  He asked the pastor if he can use his facility to begin mentoring and providing strategic outreach efforts.  The pastor said no, he mentioned that the people would distroy his building.


                                                                                               David and Goliath Challenge

After being rejected from using that church facility, Paul noticed a large 46,000 SQF Facility in the same area for sale.  He called the broker and was told that the seller wanted 3/4 of a million dollars for it.

With only $500 in the ministry bank account, Paul quickly said thank you, and hung up the phone.  That summer Paul had left his full-time job and was now a missionary, raising his support by preaching and teaching a course called, "LifeStyle Mentoring".

                                                                                               God Inspired Offer

After being encouraged by God to call the owner of the property, he scheduled  a sit down face to face lunch meeting.  Paul shared his vision with the owner to positively impact the region by using his three pronged approach, Spiritual + Social+ Economic = Renewal , he would begin mentoring men, women and youth.   Paul was inspired to make a bold offer, he asked the owner to reduce the price by a 1/4 million and to hold the mortgage until he could arrange conventional financing.  The owner agreed and Paul closed on the property in December of that year.  

                                                                                           Mission Trip to LA Dream Center

In  in summer of 2001 Paul and a team of leaders took 18 passionate young people to the Los Angeles Dream Center. There they saw God moving in that city as lives were being transformed. 

                                                                                        Birth of the Central Florida Dream Center

Paul called this same team of motivated young people, of which, two of them were his children, The Central Florida Dream Center was launched in 2002.   Thousands of volunteers from around the country served the community through that facility from 2002 to 2012.  We saw over 50% of crime and violence reduced in that region .  This location was closed in 2012 just after the Housing Projects closed in the City.  Operations were moved to another location in the region making way for the new season of the ministry.

                                                                                         Expansion of The Strategy (CF Dream Center Next)

Paul's vision had expanded again, he and a growing team of leaders are helping to launch City Impact LIFE Centers across the nation and around the world.  

After 30 plus years of ministering in communities, Paul is Mobilizing and Equipping  teams of leaders who can help him Reach, Educate, Equip, Engage  Encourage and Place “Father Figure” Mentors and Families in the lives of fatherless youth across our nation and the world.  

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